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Monday, November 14, 2005

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss....

I was watching VH1’s The 80’s in 3D last week and one of my guilty pleasure songs came on. You know that’s a song that you don’t wanna admit in public you like. These are usually songs that are played at the mall and Lite FM radio. Yet when you hear it you don’t change the station. It’s as if the song has a hold on you, people around you may be yelling. "Oh gawd no,quick change the station!” But you hold back and saying, “Chill I like this song". They look at you as if you have a third head and you think to yourself,"maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud.” But nothing can change the fact you dig on the song and that’s what makes it a guilty pleasure.

I have loads of guilty pleasure songs… but the one that specifically inspired this post was PM Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”. Compared to today’s style of rapping the style is kind of awkward. The guy sounds like he’s breathing through his mouth and some of the lyrical content is corny:

“Christina applegate, you gotta put me on.
Guess who’s piece of the cake is jack gone?
She broke her wishbone and wished for a sign.
I told her whispers in my heart were fine.
What did she think she could do?
I feel for her, I really do.
And I stared at the ring finger on her hand,
I wanted her to be a big pm dawn fan,
But I had to put her right back with the rest.
That’s the way it goes, I guess.

Baby you send me...
Set adrift on memory bliss of you”

Oh man… but the hook! The hook of the song is just fantastic! It’s a combo of the sampled Spandau Ballet song “True” and the vocalization of PM Dawn... it gets me everytime. The thing is I never really liked “True” it was the song’s hook that drew me to it as well. Inspired by this song I decided to ask people about their “guilty pleasure songs”…… a few of them cracked up when I told them that PM Dawn was the inspiration behind my question… but they all admitted to liking the song as well and added the following to the mix:

  • I’m on High ( Ducan Shiek)

  • I’m only Human (Human League)

  • Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers)

  • Fantasy and Reasons (Earth , Wind, and Fire)

  • Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)

  • I believe I Can Fly (R.Kelly)

  • Ice Ice baby (Vanilla Ice)

  • The Macarena (Los Del Rios), I almost slapped my friend for that one…

  • Informer (Snow)

  • Too Sexy (Right Said Fred)

  • Too Legit to Quit (MC Hammer)

  • I’ve Been to Paradise but I’ve Never Been to Me (Charlene)

  • From my personal list I also added Rock Me Amadeus (Falco) as a bonus. I even have it as a ring tone… mock me if you will I got no shame, what can I say? From a conversation with Jackie my mom got I Believe Love is The Answer (Blessed Union of Souls), I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell) and my mom offered up Saturday Night and Don’t Stop The Music (Bay City Rollers) as her guilty pleasure songs. Bay City Rollers? WTF?! Say it ain’t so woman, say it ain’t so!

    Here’s the tune that inspired today’s post… enjoy….

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