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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Sweetest Thing...

It’s back to school in our house. My baby sister, the youngest child started high school today. She’s been pretty nervous about it all summer asking questions about how the workings of high school. Do the seniors eat lunch with the freshman? How will I find my way around the school, what if I get lost? And the most pressing one of all has been; what if no one likes me if I can’t make friends? My sister was one of the "popular kids" in her old school so her being nervous is understandable. She’s pretty, has great fashion sense, very girly, and gregarious. Everything I wasn’t at her age. In school I was well known and popular, I knew everyone all the different cliques the Goths, jocks, rockers, hip hoppers, gang bangers, fashionistas, immigrants, metrosexuals, gays etc. and I hung out with all of them I never allowed myself to be pegged into one group. This is the advice I gave to my sister get to know everyone give them all a chance expand your horizons. If someone is sitting next to you in the cafeteria say hello chances are they are just as scared as you are.

This morning my mom came into our room to wake her up and my sister popped up in her bed like Dracula arising from his coffin, she had a fitful sleep I could hear her turning and tossing all night long. “Good morning sunshine!”, my mom told her usually my sister giggles when mom calls her sunshine today she replied with, “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.” As I prepared for my day of school I gave her a pep talk and reminded her that at least our brother is in the same school as her. I don’t know if that gave her confidence or scared her. It was hard to tell by the look on her face. My brother Steven is a sophomore, he’s older than Caity and really over protective of her. Last year during her last year of junior high school it was the first time that they were in different schools. Steven actually had a crew of his friends keeping tabs on Caity while in school. They would report to Steven if any guy approached her and if so they would warn the guy off…lol

Anyway so they are back in the same school now and in a way I think it’s going to make it easier for her to adjust knowing that he is there. This morning before they left I heard him tell her, “Caity when we get inside the school it’s really crowded. Make sure you hold my hand so you don’t get separated from me.” Usually Caity would balk at that; she is really independent, but today I saw her nod her head yes. Their school is right across the street from our house. I can see the entrance from my window. I went to the window to watch them walk to school and as they started climbing the steps to get into the school I saw my brother’s hand reach out for Caity’s. They entered the school hand in hand and for some reason it made me kind of teary I thought it was the sweetest thing.

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