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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Our Turn

The New York City Fire Department sent out a convoy of vehicles, including a mobile command center, to New Orleans from Randall's Island yesterday. The convoy is being led by the Spirit of Louisiana truck, donated to the department by Louisiana after the September 11th terrorist attacks. In addition to the convoy another 20 members of the Fire Department flew to New Orleans Wednesday morning. They'll join more than 300 NYC firefighters already there helping battling fires and helping with relief efforts.

Meanwhile, more and more New Yorkers who want to help Hurricane Katrina survivors are opening up their homes and apartments to the hurricane victims.
A meeting was held on the Upper East Side Tuesday night for people who want to open their homes to survivors, help them find them jobs, or provide other services. "Helping to find jobs, counseling, whatever we can offer, because there's all different kinds of people here who want to give of their services or their homes, who may or may not have already given money or of their time, or clothing or whatever. So, it's really just to try to bring as many people together as we can,” said relief organizer Mark Roberts.

"I mean, when you see pictures of people who have no homes and everything's been wrecked -what wouldn't make me want to do it?” said volunteer Christina Bloom. “I have an extra room. I just felt so terrible for everyone." The group also discussed chartering buses to travel to hard-hit parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

The consensus among people out here is that NOLA did so much for us in the aftermath of 9/11 we are forever indebted to them from the heart. Now it’s our turn to look out for them the way they looked out for us.


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