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Friday, April 24, 2009

I Hate My Dreams

She bounced into the visiting room happy to see me. No, I'm not that popular with the inmates. My visit got her a momentary reprieve from her punishment, she was allowed out of her cell for the duration of my visit.

“How you feeling today?” I asked as she took a seat across from me. “Stressed out”. She replied. “I just want to go home.” By the time we were done with our business visiting time was almost over. We sat in silence for about two minutes. “Thanks for the visit,” she said quickly jumping to her feet. She leaned over and shook my hand. “At least I got out of the cell.”

As she walked away I noticed she seemed tired and I remembered she had mentioned having trouble sleeping the week before. “Are you sleeping okay?” She shook her head and continued to walk way, “I hate my dreams because when I wake up I’m in prison” she said.


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