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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fate Has A Twisted Sense of Humor

“Mia, if you know any of the clients you’re ever assigned here let me know because I’ll have to pull you off that case and assign you another one.” I thought about the two people I knew that were currently in jail. Neither of them were here I assured my supervisor. But fate it seems often has a twisted sense of humor.

She'd just introduced me to my first client and he excitedly exclaimed,“Hey I know you!” My supervisor looked from me to him and waited for my response. “From where?" I asked. He couldn’t remember from where but he was certain he’d met me. “Maybe you met someone that looks like me.” I offered. He shook his head and pointed to my tattoos. "No way it was someone else, I recognize the tattoos. You have a fairy on the back of your neck too." The only way that tattoo is visible is if my hair is up and the fact that he knew about it meant that he was telling the truth.

“Maybe you’ve met a another girl with the same tattoos?” my supervisor asked. “He’s right I do have a tat on the back of my neck.” He seemed familiar to me too but I couldn’t place where I'd met him I told my supervisor. She decided that the fuzzy meeting didn’t warrant me being taken off his case although she did find it kind of funny that I hadn’t been in the prison for half an hour and already one of the inmates had claimed to know me. Meanwhile she’d been working in the system for years and neither she nor the other workers had come across anyone they knew. “The weirdest things always happen to me.” I grumbled as I wracked my brain trying to remember where or when for that matter I’d met the inmate. She laughed as she saw me struggling to remember, “It’s going to drive you crazy you know trying to remember.” She was right, it is driving me nuts. Fate really does have a twisted sense of humor.

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