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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Other Woman...

I imagine that the scent of insecurity and desperation must waft through the air in The Bronx like the scent of fabric softener in a Laundromat and men pick up on it following the source of the scent. That’s the only reason that I can come up with for the guys my friends attract. It seems to me that my girls have lost their self-respect, they will put up with anything under the guise of love. On one hand I have a friend who refuses to believe that main function in her pseudo relationship is that of ATM. I write about her here all the time, lately when she starts complaining about her boy friend I count down the minutes and when she reaches 6 minutes of complaining I end the conversation. I plan on cutting it down to 4 minutes of bitching this weekend, gradually I’m cutting her B & M time out I don’t want to have her go cold turkey. Why bitch and moan if you’re not going to do anything about it?

Now my best friend has thrown her hat into the “wtf are you thinking?!” ring. She recently started seeing a guy who has a girlfriend and it is causing all sorts of drama. I spoke to her about this and gave her all the cons because honestly there is no pro in this situation. I understand my friend in a way no one else does including her mother. I know her biggest fear in life is to be alone which is why she feels she has to hook up with THE ONE now at this point in her life. I have been down this road with her before sitting in a neutral corner until it all fell apart and I was called to help pick up the broken pieces.

Her mother and she have been arguing every day over this situation. Her mom has become the morality police breaking into lectures without notice much like born again Christians catching the spirit and speaking in tongues at a revival. My friend throws it back in her face with venomous force by pointing out that the man that her mother has been dating for the past 10 yrs is married and only recently applied for a divorce. My friend has known this for years, heck we figured out the dude was married when we were teenagers but she never let on that she knew out of respect for her mother. The tension between mother and daughter is now so thick you can spread it on a bagel and wash it down with a cup of coffee. Hopefully my girl will come to her senses soon and realize that there is nothing to be gained by being the other woman, but somehow I doubt that. I think this is a lesson she will be learning the hard way.


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