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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We’ve been studying Bedouin culture and self-expression among the Bedouin women specifically ghinawahs. Ghinawahs are amazing, they are witty, and often profound. They follow a pattern they often consist of 2 lines and are 15 syllables or less and never directly let on that the ghinawah is about them or what they are feeling. Our teacher gave us the assignment of writing 10 Ghinawahs, this is what I came up with. See if you can guess the story behind them. My apologies to anyone riding the subway with me as I clapped out the syllables aloud and composed silently in my head, I know I looked crazy!

1) Weeping hearts don’t despair
Eyes will dry, a new day will dawn.

2) Emotions must be hidden
When the heart belongs to another.

3) Cruel fool that you be
Tears be your legacy.

4) Open the door
Reveal your true self.

5) Hands raised in anger
Belong to slaves.

6) What a shame when the pleasing mind
Receives no gratitude.

7) In life family is joy and sorrow
Love is certain.

8) The soul enters the kingdom
Showering earth with joyful tears.

9) Share a secret with one
Tell it to many.

10) Honor God from the heart
Not convenience.

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