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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wasted Potential: Actor arrested in murder of NYPD officer...

This was the headline that greeted me when I awoke this morning. As I read the story which occured a few minutes from my home I couldn't help but think of a line from a favorite movie "A Bronx Tale" about wasted potential. I felt horrible for the officer's family, and the actor's family. I felt horrible for my city we just buried an officer also killed in the line of duty earlier this week such a tragedy for all invloved. Undoubtly our governor George Pataki will be once again be calling for the death penalty since an officer was killed.

Lillo Brancato 29,co-star of "A Bronx Tale” has been arrested for the murder of an off duty NYC police officer Daniel Enchautegui, 28. The police officer interrupted a break-in next-door to his home in the Pelham Bay section of The Bronx and was killed yesterday in a blazing gun battle with the two burglars – Lillo Brancato and ex conSteven Armento, 48. Brancato was unarmed, but Armento allegedly opened fire with a .357 Smith & Wesson, hitting Enchautegui in the left side of the chest and piercing his aorta with a hollow-point bullet. Despite being mortally wounded Officer Enchautegui, took down the suspects - shooting Brancato and Armento several times before collapsing in his Bronx driveway, "It looks like every bullet he fired hit these guys," a police official said. The pair may have been hunting for a stash of dope they wrongly believed to be in the house they were breaking into.

For those not familiar with the name he’s the one that played “C” as a teenager and he was fantastic in the role, he also played Matt Bevilacqua on "The Sopranos” along with a bunch of other movie roles. Lillo Brancato looked destined for great things. Wasted potential.

Link: A Bronx Tale Gone Bad


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