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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Class of 2011

It's a running joke among my friends that I have an addiction to college. "Are you going to go for your PhD?" my friend asked as she adjusted my hood. " My mom wants me to but nope, I think I am finally done with school besides I have no interest in teaching which I'd have to if I went for my PhD. I'm too shy to stand up and teach a class." I barely had finished my sentence when another friend swooped in for the mother of all hugs. As we parted to get on line my friend squeezed my hand and smiled at me, "Next time we see each other we'll be have our Masters !"

The commencement speaker praised us for our choice of career and told that we were missionaries spreading the goodness that is God via our quest to help ease the suffering of those society often turns a blind on to. It was a beautiful commencement address. It was heartfelt, relevant and truly inspiration but I was dying for it to be over. Later, I promised myself, later when the day was over I'd reflect on all that was said but for now I just wanted to be out of my cap, gown and hood. I took a deep breath, fidgeted a little in my seat and adjusted the hood on my graduation gown for the 100th time.

Every now and then one of my friends and I 'd make eye contact and make a goofy face at each other. I looked around Avery Fisher Hall and remembered the first time I'd set foot in the place I'd been a 4 yr old music student . I had to smile at the thought that I'd started my academic journey as a student there and now 24 years later my academic journey was ending there as well. It seemed fitting.

Finally we got the good part …as the class of 2011 made their way to the stage the hall erupted in applause and cheers. I was so proud of each of my class mates. I thought back on all the years studying, researching and the amount of papers we'd done. I thought about all of the great professors I'd had over the years and how their guidance had helped me. Maybe I should look into getting a PhD…would it be so bad to teach a class? I thought.

My head snapped up at the sound of my name. I momentarily froze and then slowly released a breath I wasn't even aware I'd been holding. I quickly crossed the stage with the biggest smile known to man. The hugs and handshakes I'd received on stage were a blur all I wanted to see were my parents and when I found them I held up my degree. I'd done it, truly done it. I finished grad school. Thanks mom and dad I couldn’t have done it without you.


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