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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The Yeti (my boyfriend) and I were walking in the village, an area of NYC known for its large gay community. The Yeti tends to talk before he thinks and as a result there are times when I just want to pop him one right across the puss due to inappropriate / insensitive remarks.

The Yeti: do you want some ice cream from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck?

I narrowed my eyes at him not believing what he’d just said.

Me: What, what did you just say?

The Yeti: Big. Gay. Ice Cream truck…

“Gay” is slang for anything unappealing… a synonym for whack, weak,lame you know like a horrible flick or a hideous shirt…well you get the drift. The word gets tossed around a lot where I come from, even the gays use it and no one is offended by it much like the “N” word, it only has the power you choose to give it and in my world the word has no power other than a synonym. However due to the hood we were in and in light of Gay bashing I was shocked that the Yeti's usage of the word. I looked around to make sure no one was over hearing his comments; the Yeti tends to talk loud.

Me: Why would you say something like that?

The Yeti: No really, there's a big gay ice cream truck a block from here!

He pointed behind me... Yup, there was a Big Gay Ice Cream truck parked down the block according to the logo on it (see pic above)....whaddya know?! I guess the owners subscribe to the theory that words only have the power you give them. Nice.

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