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Friday, May 27, 2011

Blonde Moment #108273

I was deep into my work when I felt someone at my back. I spun my chair around and mom chuckled “Your dad is courting me today; he brought me a bag full of candy.” Drawing my attention to the handful of Hershey Kisses she offered me. I playfully snatched one of her hand.

“God, I love Hershey’s Kisses. Thanks ma. ” and quickly unwrapped the one I’d taken from her hand. Mom smiled and nodded placing a handful of kisses beside my keyboard. “I know, that’s why I brought you these and not the other stuff he got for me.”

As soon as I was done I reached for another this time stopping to truly savor it.
“I wished they made them in like huge chocolate bars.” Mom stared at me for a second shook her head side to side then chuckled and said, “They do, it’s called a Hershey Bar...PLAIN!”

Let’s just call that my Blonde Moment #108273 shall we?


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