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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Psycho Chick Strikes Again

A group of us were sitting in class during a break discussing the lack of adequate lightning on our little house on the prairie campus and the town it’s located in. The town is straight out of a horror movie. The streets are dimly lit, the streets seem to be deserted once the sun sets and other than students jogging on campus I have yet to see any residents walking around in the town. Hand to god this is the sort of town where Jason and all of the other horror movie icons always seem to reside in.

Frankly it was creeping us out especially the women who had to make the long walk from the bus stop into the campus and back. The campus seems safe, cops are posted at the entrance however a person can get clipped by a speeding car and they wouldn’t even know they hit you until they hear the impact. I brought up my idea of carrying flash lights with us for safety reasons when one of my favorite classmates ‘Psycho Chick’ said “This is what I carry for safety!” and with great dramatic flourish whipped out the biggest hunting knife I’d ever seen in my life. The edges were serrated halfway down the knife, the tip was ultra pointy and curved at the end perfect for hooking into flesh and ripping it open. It was a thing of deadly beauty.

Several of the students jumped back when they saw the knife. “That bitch is crazy!” one of the guys exclaimed. Psycho chick grinned at him twisting her wrist around to show the knife off from different angles. “Yo’ Psycho Chick put the knife away before you get in trouble.” I told her. She’d just made eye contact with me when one of the women in class leaned over to me and said, “she really is psycho isn’t she?” I couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head as Psycho Chick smiled at me, “God I love that female.” I said.


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