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Friday, December 23, 2005

Super Smirk strikes again!

Super Smirk strikes again...Bush The Younger is determined to send me to an early grave. Everytime he makes one his boneheaded moves I feel my left arm go numb. Ever since he came into office he’s been sodomizing this country in one way or another without so much as a lubricant. Now “Super Smirk” has admitted to basically wiping his butt on our constitution by spying on the American people without bothering to follow the law and obtain the necessary warrants. Wtf? Who does he think he is J Edgar Hoover, Fidel Castro? This has been done before my friends only back then it was FBI Files on Puerto Ricans … Of course Bush defends his actions with his tired ass argument of protecting us against terrorism.

It seems to me that everytime Bush flucks up he uses this argument. Bush spills grape juice on the oval office carpet, blame it on an act of terrorism. Bush suffering from erectile dysfunction, blame it on terrorism. “Uhhhh well ya know Laura just as the rocket was about to launch I thought about how vulernable the space program is to terrorism and uhhhh my rocket went back into the launch pad”

Personally I think Bush suffered some type of mental breakdown after 9/11. The man sees terrorists everywhere; in his coffee, in a box, hiding under a rock, around the block Bush the anti-terrorism man! Funny how he didn’t seem to take notice pre 9/11.

Now the question is is what are we gonna do with this bad bad boy? My guess absoulutely nothing. People will shake their fists at the wind and curse the day he was elected and say he should be impeached; but he will remain in office despite the fact that he should be removed for his blatant violation of the law. Why will he remain in office? Because those that voted for him and supported his policies are the ones in power and right now they are so afraid of those damn terrorists that they will buy anything this man says as long as he follows it with one of his anti-terrorism speeches. The only thing they fear more than suicide bombers are homosexuals being able to get legally married and have the same rights as hetero couple. You know it’s all about protecting the sanctity of the family baby. In the meantime this man has made a mess out of our economy keeps us in a war that the majority of people in this country do not support, has spied on it’s people without going through proper channels…sounds like the makings fo a dictatorship to me. What’s next rounding up swarthy looking people in the airports and mass transit system and searching them based on their looks in the hopes that someone is connected to Al-Qeda? Oh wait this is already happening …my bad. This man does realize he was elected into office right? That he is supposed to at least run things by the public and listen to us right? God Bless America where men in high office are above the law, free to ignore the laws on which this country was founded.

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