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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Humor in all things...

I was watching the local news (Fox 5 NY) at 5 pm today when an announcement came on concerning possible terror attacks in the NY subway system. The anchor Rosanna Scotto was all set to do a live on air phone interview with some city official about the breaking story. I missed the name of the person she was supposed to be talking to. I wasn't paying too mch attention when she asked the person what was being done in terms of securing the subway system, he mumbled something about investigating tunnels and something else and then he said, " we're investigating Howard Stern's ball sack" that made me snap my head to attention. I thought I heard wrong. I guess Ms. Scotto thought she heard wrong too because she immeadiately said , "WHAT?!!!" and the caller once again said, "we're investigation Howard Sterns ball sack."
At that point i just went into a fit of laughter. The look on Ms. Scotto's and her co- anchor Ernie Anastos face was priceless. Nice to know that even under the threat of subway terrorism this city still has smart asses willing to go all out for a laugh...there is humor in all things. I'm still laughing.


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