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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Catnapper or savior?

Last night my boyfriend and I were talking a walk, holding hands in “la la la” mode. All of a sudden Jason spots a kitten. He loves cats. I stopped to pet the kitten and suddenly 3 more came out. I picked one up and Jason starts riffing telling me to put it down because he thought it belonged to someone. We got inti a mini argument about it. While we are arguing all the cats come out of a nearby garage and run into the street. They almost got hit by several cars! “We must save these cats or they will die!” I thought to myself. Jason then says, “Oh my God they’re going to get hit by a car!” and started calling out to one of the cats, “hey you, hey you” the cat ignored him although he did manage to attract the attention of a man across the street, the guy looked at him and Jason said, “No not you the cat!”

We then tried to round up the 5 kittens but they scattered and we were able to get 2 of them. The mother was nearby feeding one of the kittens. I took one for my friend Reina b/c she’s been wanting a pet and Jason took the other for himself. When we got back to my house, my mom wasn’t too thrilled. It’s just a front though, “she acts gruff with the kittens so she won’t get attached.” I told Jason. The kittens took to my house like fish in water they weren’t afraid of the dogs and were very calm. After awhile my mom starts to point out that for homeless kittens that are supposedly feral these kitties are awfully friendly. See how peacefully that cat is sleeping on the love seat and it’s his first time here? Mia these cats are used to being around people and dogs. Usually when you bring a feral cat indoors they will act wild and scared they’ll hide under something and will resist you picking them up. Look at these kitties they are loving the attention, they are too friendly. Mia I think you’re a catnapper… these suckers belong to someone. Where exactly did you get them from?
Mia: On Quimby ma near the garage, they were on the outside of the fence walking all over the street.

Mom: Hmmm most likely Mia the mommy cat belongs to the garage. And these are her kittens therefore they belong to the garage as well. Someone’s been taking care of them .

Jason: Maggie, Maggie, everything you’re telling her I told her already.

Mia (laughing): Shut up Jason!

Mia: Well if they have they haven’t been doing a good job look how skinny they are!
They almost got hit by a car ma, we had to save them. I did a good thing ma.

Mom: Yeah nena but look how clean they are no fleas, no scabs, these kittens belong to the garage.

Mia: Well why were they outside then?

Mom: Maybe they got locked out or escaped through some opening in the garage. Maybe they wanted to chill outside it is a beautiful night after all.
Mia: Ma there was a whole bunch of them.

Mom: That’s what usually happens when a cat has kittens nena it’s called a litter .
I dunno nena those are not feral kittens, they are too friendly. You’re a catnapper

Jason: I told her the same thing Maggie.

Just then Jason asked my mom if she liked the name “Guy” for his kitten and my mom said name him “Pillo” (thief in Spanish) or “robado” (stolen) and they got into a discussion as to if there was such a word as “rubi” in Spanish and the discussion as to whether or not we were cat nappers were laid to rest. Then my mom started taking pictures of them. Jason seemed really happy with his kitten. While the other one attached itself to me, I woke up this morning with it sleeping by my head.

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