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Monday, September 26, 2005

Latino Art, many forms of beauty....

I love museums and art. I discovered Rivera, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc as a child thanks to my mother. As a teen on my own I discovered Frida Kahlo and she remains one of my personal favorites to this day. I’m a big fan of Chicano art and murals. So I was really thrilled when my mom passed on this long forgotten website to me. What led me to discover Chicano art was my fascination with the "cholos" when I was younger, but we’ll discuss that in another post….lol

Thanks to my very artistic mother I am just discovering contemporary Puerto Rican artists like Rodon, Ruiz, Marin.One of my mother’s favorite paintings is by Carlos Irizarry, the painting "La Transculturación del Puertorriqueño", makes a political statement. He painted a picture of a “jibaro” alongside a sheer almost invisible image of himself. The image is supposed to represent the loss of Boriqua identity and culture through assimilation with the U.S., hmmmm very political indeed. The sentiment behind this painting can be applied to any group of people who’ve immigrated to the US. The only difference is that in our case the assimilation began on our home shores once the US invaded Borinquen.

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