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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rita Moreno...

Today's Latino fact is Boriqua actress Rita Moreno...

Only one Latino female performer has ever won an acting Oscar. Puerto Rican Rita Moreno received the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in West Side Story (1961) and became the first Hispanic actress to win an acting Academy Award.
A talented actress who also sings and dances, her versatility has led to decades of success on stage, screen, and television. She has proved that Hispanic performers are not limited to "ethnic" roles, and in the process she became the only female artist ever to win the four major entertainment awards: the Oscar, the Tony, the Grammy, and the Emmy. Rita Moreno has recently starred in April Showers (2005) playing the role of Ruth, and Copshop (2004) as Mary Alice. Rita Moreno has also featured in many movies such as King of the Corner (2004), Casa de los babys (2003), and Open House (2003)

As a kid I hated West Side Story because of the stereotypes and fake accents. Now I've grown to love it because I see past the stereotypes and can appreciate the music, and the talents that are in the movie.

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